Tehbotol Sosro’s Clarification about Hydroxilic Acid Hoax

Dear Customers,

With regard to rumor alleging that our flagship product Tehbotol Sosro contains hazardous substance called hydroxilic acid circulated through email, hereby we would like to firmly state that the emailed rumor is NOT TRUE.

All information regarding this hoax (i.e., false information disseminated though the Internet) about hydroxilic acid or dihydrogen monoxide can be checked in this page:

This renowned and trusted encyclopedia site in the cyber world explains that hydroxilic acid aka dihydrogen monoxide is the scientific name of WATER (or H2O). So, we should not react overly since ALL food and particularly beverages must contain water.

The Tehbotol Sosro hoax began to emerge from a closed discussion in the Indonesian advertising mailing list named CCI or Creative CircleIndonesia at the end of April 2009 about communication using negative approach by taking Tehbotol Sosro as a case. This was admitted by the starter as written in this blog: titled “Hydroxylic Acid: Hoax Teh Botol Sosro” (dated Thursday, May 7, 2009).

The closed discussion was then abused by certain parties by twisting the content as such that Tehbotol Sosro contained a hazardous substance called hydroxilic acid and circulating it through email and other mailing lists.

We think that there is a malicious contrivance to discredit Tehbotol Sosro in an irresponsible manner. Tehbotol Sosro has been serving Indonesian market for 35 years and consumed by millions of Indonesian people every day, and is still the main consumer choice for beverage. Tehbotol Sosro is a national flagship product containing only select tea, refined sugar, and water.

We hope that this clarification can stem off any wariness you may have in consuming Tehbotol Sosro.

Best regards,

Management of PT. Sinar Sosro



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